Keeping our Kids Seen & Safe with VIZYMATES

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We’re all about Safety

We’re all worried about keeping our child safe on the roads when walking to school, riding to sport training or just to a mate’s house.

Vizymates are a unique new accessory for kids that attach by velcro and clips to school bags, backpacks and bikes to help kids be seen by vehicles.

Each Vizymates pack has 2 fluorescent and reflective Tubes & Straps that easily attach and are transferable from schoolbag to backpack on the weekends.

Also great to attach to sports bags, pram, scooters, bicycles or a mobility aid.

Catches the attention of distracted drivers when your child is near a vehicle.

From Pram to Bag to Bike

Our nifty design means you just attach the fluro high-viz Tubes & Straps to your existing bag…. no need to buy a new, expensive brightly coloured bag to keep your kids safe!

Vizymates keeps your child safe from the pram to pre-teen years.

Hi there. just wanted to say thank-you for creating a awesome product for children! My mother just bought some for my daughter and sent it to me in Tassie as she starts school this year. It’s definitely going to help ease my anxiety a bit about not being with her to keep her safe throughout the day. I just thought I’d let you know that I think it’s fantastic product and will be recommending it to everyone I know! 

HW, Tasmania