I’ve been driving around Sydney’s roads for a long time. In more recent years, I’ve noticed that almost all adults, if they have jobs involving being on or near roads, will wear a bright yellow/orange T-shirt, Vest or other garment to warn motorists of their presence. From road workers to truck drivers, delivery men, Telstra engineers and surveyors, they all make it easy for the motorist to see them and drive carefully around then.

Yet, schoolchildren also use the road and are more unpredictable than adults, but they continue to wear dark school uniforms, which are hard for drivers to distinguish, especially on rainy days.

We have 40km/h speed restrictions for vehicles around schools for 90 minutes twice a day, when children are often on the road, but outside the restricted time and area they’re still around bus and train stations while on their way to sport and other activities. They should have those reflective vests or, at least, a large patch on their backpacks, which is inexpensive and would make them more visible to motorists.

Kiara Dumont, via email.

Originally featured in NRMA Open Road – 1/1/2018