In Australia, one child every week is run over in the driveway of their own home.

Children are vulnerable around traffic, with those most at risk of injury being aged from five to nine years. This is often because they are given more opportunities to cross roads on their own.

As adults, we take for granted how well we are able to interpret the environment around us but children need to be taught the skills they need to be safe and independent road users. Children observe their environment from a very different perspective to adults. They see everything from a lower viewpoint, have not yet developed the skills to judge speed and distance or make life-saving decisions and they do not have a good enough understanding of danger to ensure they are safe.

Parents play a key role in teaching their children road safety behaviours and should always provide a positive role model by crossing roads safely. Young children should be accompanied across road and active supervision is the best way to know where your child is so you can help keep them safe.

Source: VicRoads Road Safety Information Service 1300 360 745