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“High quality……. excellent……doing a great safety job……great craftsmanship…..very high quality….. great idea, does the job well!”  Feedback from purchasers

Vizymates Tubes & Straps

As parents and grandparents, we want to take every precaution to ensure the safety of our kids, especially around schools, playgrounds, car-parks and shopping centres where there’s lots of busy cars, trucks and buses.

Our aim is to make your child seen and safe on the roads by simply adding our unique, interchangeable fluorescent and reflective Tubes & Straps to their school bags, prams, scooters, tricycles, bicycles or mobility aids.

Why are Vizymates unique? How do they work?

The difference is in the design…. the swinging Tubes catch the attention of distracted drivers and the fluoro and reflective material means they’re safe in daylight, dusk and night time.

Research has shown that objects in fluoro coloured material are not as effective in catching a driver’s eye as a moving (swinging) object.

No need to buy a new bag!  Simply clip on the Tubes and Velcro wrap on the Straps to your child’s existing school bag.  Vizymates Tubes & Straps can be transferred from bag to bag, bag to pram or bag to bicycle.

  • Great for travelling – light and easy to pack
  • Durable and machine washable
  • Use for years and years from the pram stage to pre-teen years and older.

Vizymates Tubes

  • Simply attach your Vizymates Tubes with the durable plastic clip to the sides of sports bags and school backpacks.

  • The Tubes provide 180 degrees visibility as your child is seen from behind and from both sides.

  • When attaching Vizymates Tubes to a bikes frame, tricycle or pram, check that the Tubes swing clear of all wheels, spokes and moving parts before your using. Remember! Safety First 

Vizymates Straps

  • Wrap your Vizymates Straps around the backpack straps at the front, and secure on with Velcro.

  • Fit the Straps tightly around the bag straps so that they stay in place, positioning each strap as high up as possible for maximum visibility from the front.